Funky Geek Ltd.

Software development consultancy services.

Bespoke software & websites

Funky Geek exists to produce quality software to meet the needs of its users. If you have need of custom software or a bespoke website for your business, Funky Geek can help you with the design, development, testing and delivery of the best possible solution. We can help you gather requirements, build high-quality software to your own specification, and advise on the most effective means of testing and delivering the software.

Development consultancy

If what you really need is some extra resource to get an existing project through on time, you'll find Funky Geek the perfect source for dedicated, hardworking developers. We can supply industry-leading expertise, deep understanding of .NET development, and all with the ability to fit right in to any development process you already have in place. Software will be delivered to high standard, meeting whatever quality requirements you have as a minimum, and at a surprisingly fast pace.

Agile processes

With a proven record in agile methodologies - both from a development perspective and a project management perspective - Funky Geek is perfectly placed to help you transition into a fully agile process, or to refine your existing process. We can help with process definition, training, tooling and anything else that you need to get your team - and your business - working to its fullest potential.

Technology and automation

At Funky Geek, the preference is for a slick, unobtrusive environment that maximises quality and minimises developer interruption. Automated testing, single-click build/test/deploy processes, and clear feedback to the developer all contribute to a hassle-free process with the best possible quality assurance. Whatever technology stack you prefer, and whatever the state of your current process, Funky Geek have the skills to implement a pipeline that will boost your team's productivity.

Training and consultancy

New projects and new technologies can be a daunting prospect for even well-experienced teams. If you're delving into any of the technologies that Funky Geek has expertise in, we'd be happy to spend some time getting your team up to speed quickly. You'll benifit from years of industry experience that will direct you toward best practises, seeing you productive in no time. With experience of everything from one-to-one mentoring to guiding a team through a full technology-stack change, training and consultancy can be tailored to suit your needs.